What can a dog teach us?

Living with Miss Evie is an education.

I find it fascinating that my four legged family member has been one of my best mentors.

STOP LAUGHING and read on.

Here is what my black mix Chihuahua has revealed to me:

Stop and smell the roses. Often on many walks, no matter what time of the day, Miss Evie puts on her brakes. She will not move. Her nose goes up in the area and her eyes do a 360 degree view of her surroundings. She takes her experience in. At some point she takes a deep long hard breath. When she is ready, and only then, will she commence with her walk.

Sleep is very important [ and boy has she become a professional at this task] She loves

    to relax and rejuvenate her body. While she does not cuddle with a book at night she has found her alternative, me. Blessed.

    Finally she has taught me that “Ya Gotta Have Fun” 

    Oftentimes she does her best to interrupt me if I am working or concentrating on something for too long [ how she knows is another mystery to me ]. She saunters over with a toy in her mouth asking me to play. She brings me the much needed fresh air, a break in my day, she brings me the fun that I lack.

    Curious, what have your four legged family members taught you or is this madness all me⁉️





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