Everywhere and NOwhere

The BIGGEST problem most Realtors make is trying to be everything to everyone. How can you know all there is to know about real estate? This simply DOES NOT WORK. Let’s get real. You MUST specialize. You must niche down. Get really really really good at one product and let the world know it. This […]

Open Houses 101

I have a FREE tip for you today.  Use this when you are conducting an open house. The next time you host an open house make sure you—>  Introduce yourself to the neighbors.  Here is the process: Better yet…. Contact all the neighbors on the entire subject street.  And then… And When the open house […]

We forget [ we are marketers ]

As business owners, we are marketers. Whether we promote our business ourselves or we employ someone And Here on social media there is a wrong way of “playing this game” and a wrong way. Speak out. Let us hear your voice. And don’t give me any excuses. There are many of us out here who […]

Don’t Give Up… DO THIS

I have seen this 4,386,7452 times. Actually Been there, Done that Life as a Realtor can be “somewhat” overwhelming. Working all the time, and I mean ALL the time Phone calls/ text messages at ALL hours of the day. The BIG problem is not treating your real estate practice as a business. Not having order, […]

What is your sales volume?

Her valid QUESTION: I recently had an interesting conversation with a potential client. Although this was not the question she asked directly I could sense that this question was on her mind…. The question she had on her mind was —–> If you are so successful as a Realtor[ making all that money ], why […]

Google Business For Realtors – Does and Don’t

Google Business is so important and has helped me secure many clients. I have been using Google Business for YEARS. Recently I got “banned” for not following the guidelines. I don’t want this to happen to you.   Here is what I have learned: 1. No Keywords In Description – This means NO Realtor/Real Estate […]

How do you stand out with 1000’s of Realtors at your doorstep?

With 100’s if not 1000’s of Realtors in your area why would someone hire YOU? Sometimes we are referred from a past client or someone knows someone who is a real estate agent [ you ]. BUT In the real life world of real estate what makes you stand out from the crowd? Why would […]

Realtors- Business Plans are a Waste of Time

Roll with this concept before you say I am out of my mind. Typically a business plan includes: Transaction  + Goals all leading to $$$$  But how do you start if you are a new[er] agent? In order to create a business plan you need to look at past performance. New to the game and you are […]

Let’s make ONE thing clear

Let’s make one thing absolutely positively clear… As a Realtor, or any consultant or coach, your goal is to get hired to complete a task or help someone achieve a goal. More often than not, in the world of real estate, you will be interviewed based on your visibility… aka your marketing.  You MUST be seen. […]

Long Term, Short Term Realtor

You can view working as a Realtor in two ways. The first strategy is as an independent contractor. Essentially, you go in, get the job done.  On to the next. Or You can work as an independent contractor and build a business at the same time. One is a short term view. The other Long […]