get organized, stay organized

The real estate business, or really any business has SO MANY moving parts. In our industry, we have a HUGE responsibility as Realtors. This cannot be taken lightly. So… The key to your success and ultimately the success of your clients is to STAY organized. A plan is vital [ written is best ]. Your […]

10 extra hours in your Real Estate Business

10 hours extra [ do grow your business or hang out with family ] So here is the thing I know so well [ a.k.a learned from experience ]  Life as a Realtor can be all consuming and stressful. AND  You overwork yourself and the MOST frustrating thing is your don’t make money.  You run around […]

one of the biggest SINS in real estate

One of the Biggest SINs for a Realtor is not following up on a lead. Lost money is not a good thing. And That lost money causes lost time because ultimately it forces you to market for new leads. It’s a vicious circle. The solution? Create a system for CAPTURING and DEALING  with leads as […]

the best of times or worst in Real Estate?

It’s all how you look at it. The best of times, the worst of times. To all those Realtors who joined the profession since covid I am sureyou are wondering  “What the heck is going on in the Real Estate market”? During the pandemic we saw many migrate from large cities to the suburbs, Many […]

snail mail marketing—> a good thing

How do you stand out from the crowd with 1,548,058 Realtors nationwide [ 2023 NAR ]??? The key to real estate marketing, or any industry, is to stand out from the crowd. Become VISIBLE. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Far too often we look to this and that“ new strategy”. While […]

Everywhere Marketing DOES NOT WORK

To the outside world this word, “Farming”  means one thing. Chicken, beets and hay etc. In the world of real estate “Farming” is the life and soul of your business. Farming is the act of being very specific with your marketing efforts. This could be a neighborhood [ demographics ] or it could be marketing […]

NOT a Webinar

I had a webinar planned. You know the one with the pretty pictures, the talking head and at the end the CTA, the call to action. The promotion, the pitch to buy a product or service. My business coach encouraged me to do a webinar, she provided the template and I put hours putting something […]

Everywhere and NOwhere

The BIGGEST problem most Realtors make is trying to be everything to everyone. How can you know all there is to know about real estate? This simply DOES NOT WORK. Let’s get real. You MUST specialize. You must niche down. Get really really really good at one product and let the world know it. This […]

Open Houses 101

I have a FREE tip for you today.  Use this when you are conducting an open house. The next time you host an open house make sure you—>  Introduce yourself to the neighbors.  Here is the process: Better yet…. Contact all the neighbors on the entire subject street.  And then… And When the open house […]

We forget [ we are marketers ]

As business owners, we are marketers. Whether we promote our business ourselves or we employ someone And Here on social media there is a wrong way of “playing this game” and a wrong way. Speak out. Let us hear your voice. And don’t give me any excuses. There are many of us out here who […]