Premier OPEN MIC

Thinking or dreaming of a BIG Change? It could be downsizing
switching careers,starting an exercise routine or perhaps incorporating a healthy diet into your lifestyle.


You don’t know where to start or even if your desired Change is possible?

If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who will not judge you, someone who is neutral, a fellow human being to encourage you, who is on your side, who will motivate you and to open you up to all the possibilities in your life.

If you need a new set of “eyes”.

I have got you covered.
Join me for from my Open Mic.

You tell me of your BIG Dream or Desired Change and let’s figure it out together.

Date: June 26, 2024
Time: Noon EDT
Place: Private Zoom Meeting


THIS IS NOT A WEBINAR. PLEASE do not register if you expect me to sell you something.I will not be selling you anything, nothing, zilch, diddly squat