The perfume of Coffee in the morning


Many tea drinkers would disagree but there is something about the smell of coffee in the morning. To me, it is so inviting.

No matter where I am in this world the perfume of java is comforting.

Of course

Many tea drinkers would disagree.


That is perfectly fine, to each his own.


Strangely Coffee drinkers and Tea drinkers get along. 

We all have

  • Different taste buds
  • Different preferences in our morning cuppa.

We choose different brands.

  • Different methods of preparation.
  • Different cups and saucers, different mugs

But at the end of the day we both savored our individual drinks.

We get along.

So ultimately if we both, at the this level get along?

Shouldn’t we all do our best at the “important stuff” to do the same?

Should we do our best to get along?

Just sayin.

So what is your preference: Coffee or Tea?






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