It’s cold, It’s hot.

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I am told it is very hot in South Florida, especially for this time of year. Here in South Wales it is the polar opposite. 

Nearly June and on my morning walk with Miss Evie I wore my leather coat. Mind you, several of the “natives” I saw were dressed in shorts.

I surmise it is all what the body gets used to, how your body adjusts and what goes on “in between your two ears” ie the way our mind has been conditioned.

The interesting thing is that the weather seems to be the topic of conversation at both extremes:

Hot and Cold

  • It’s unbearably hot. 
  • Its unbearably cold  [ for this time of year]

This leads me to the following questions

Is the weather THAT  important to our spirit, our experience of life.


Is it possible to “feel” through the extremities?

I don’t have an answer to this question. I am learning simply to adjust to the cold and as I did to the heat and humidity of the sunshine state of Florida.

I would love your thoughts and feedback on this topic.






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