An Imaginary Blanket For Warmth-My Experiment

I have recently made a change in my lifestyle, more of an adjustment. I have left the USA. Currently I am in the UK with my family. Next stop, next place to rest my head, is unknown.

This is not a vacation but a permanent move…a complete change.

There is a great deal to tell about this journey, but I will leave that for another day. 

Today I want to speak about my “Experiment”.

A bit of background first:

I left South Florida, with temperatures in the 80F’s/ 27C ish

Presently I type in a cafe in Bridgend, Wales, with an outside temperature of 48F/ 8C

Clearly I am not used to this climate. I have so many layers of clothing on I can hardly bend my 

arms and legs. 

I have decided I can address this change of temperature in two ways. 

I can be:

Cold and miserable

Cold and content.

I choose the latter…

…so here is my “Experiment”…

Each and every time I feel cold,a chill that goes right through to the marrow of my bones, I imagine a warm blanket wrapped around me, keeping me warm. The coziness of my blanket is palatable, I can feel it physically and mentally. My “blanket’ not only keeps me warm and provides comfort but gives me mental strength, courage and gratitude.

My “Experiment” has revealed the power of my imagination and of my mindset. My “ Experiment” has revealed the possibilities available in all areas of life. 

I take on this change in my lifestyle with curiosity and wonder. I am open minded to the future and what it holds for me. I will  use my “Experiment” as a guide. 

I am curious, is change something you are seeking? Let me know below.






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