The Coffee Loyalty Card was not necessary

I had my hair cut yesterday. As you may have noticed LOL I don’t have much hair and so I go to a barber. Afterwards my sister and I went to a local independently owned cafe for a cuppa,

I stress independently owned because I like to support the little guy. The proprietor that has a vision, a dream, an entrepreneur like myself.

The lady behind the counter I assumed  from her actions was the owner. She introduced herself and asked our names. 

  • She was gracious
  • She was inviting and made us feel right at home.
  • She carefully prepared our requests and delivered them to our table.

She also was surprised we were sisters as we look completely different. Pics to come at a later date.

As I went to pay the owner offered us a loyalty card and she explained its benefits of stopping by again.

The loyalty card was not necessary. I will return to this cafe not only for the reasonsI mentioned about but because

She appreciated us.

Oh and on our way out she called out our names and thanked us for stopping by.

Yup the loyalty card was not necessary. I am hooked.






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