I panicked, I tossed and turned. WHAT have I done?

>I couldn’t sleep.

>I couldn’t think clearly.

>I panicked.


I thought to myself

“This is not me! What is going on” 

  • I am strong music notes
  • I am woman
  • Watch me grow [ ode to Helen Reddy’s song, I am woman ]

My journey to my new lifestyle took many hours. The flight to Paris was nine hours [ with a Chihuahua at my feet ] I dare not count the hours getting to the airport, the wait for another flight, the adventure to Dublin across the Irish Sea. 

I was physically and mentally exhausted.


That night as I crawled into bed at the hotel in Dublin all I could do was toss and turn. 

Words did not come quietly into my mind. The words ROARED.

“What have you done” ?

  • You sold everything, house, car most of your belongings
  • You are living now with two suitcases  and a Chiquaqua]
  • You have no home 
  • You have no car, not even a bicycle to get you from A to B.

>Are you mad?

>Have you lost your mind?

>Now what are you going to do?

Luckily my sister lay in the bed next to me. She was able to speak calmly and soothing words to me. 

  • “You are tired” 
  • “You are exhausted”
  • “You just need to sleep”

And so I did. Soundly. 

From this experience I have learned that sometimes I just had “ To Be”. I simply had to reflect on the journey I took, the reason behind my move and all the possibilities in front of me. No fear.

As I understand it, fear is a human experience. It is what we do with the fear that counts.

And so, I move forward.

We move forward.

Trust is key. Onward.






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