How much is enough? Is excess the answer?

Yesterday on Netflix

My sister and I watched the program “Buying London”.

As the real estate market was part of my life for several decades we watched an episode.

This viewing lead me to consider:

How much is too much – Is bigger better?

First off I must state that the homes on view were multi million dollars residences. While the homes were truly magnificent I have 

Been there, Seen that in South Florida. I have sold those McMansions in my career.

  • 6+ bedrooms
  • Water views
  • Gourmet kitchens
  • Household staff quarters
  • Interior pools- well not necessary in South Florida.

No doubt about it, I appreciate the craftsmanship, design and quality.

However I pose the question again to you:

How much is too much – is bigger better?


  • We all need a roof over our head. Sadly many do not have.
  • We all need food in our tummies. Sadly many do not have.
  • We all need clothing on our backs. Sadly many do not have.

At what point is excess necessary? 

At what point is bigger better? 

At what point does excess and bigger “things” make us happy? Bring us lasting joy?

A sense of peace and contentment? 

I get it. 

The answers are unique to each and every one of us. This is what makes us

individual: Us. 


The final question I pose to you:

Does this excess, this bigger is better add value to society? Does it superabundance contribute to our lives? 






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