Been There | Done That

Don’t Worry Nobody Is Looking.

 [  When I strike, a nerve quietly raise your hand ] .

Let me set the stage.

Like me, you own a business.

Everything looked promising. You conducted your due diligence, the excitement set in. You were on your way…

Then You Discover Something is WRONG.

You are not hitting your sales targets. What seemed like the dream opportunity has suddenly turned sour. You panic! This is no longer fun.

You Start To Worry… A Lot

So you work more hours,
Offer additional services,
Give your time away [ for free ],
And amend your pricing structure.

You Start Spending Advertising Dollars. 

Money that is not in your budget.

Emails and newsletters start filling your inbox from your drastic search for answers. You sign up for webinars, spend hard earned money on products, services and apps all in the quest for success.You can’t quite put your finger on  what you did wrong.

There  Is A Nagging Feeling In Your Gut.

You need to sleep at night but you can’t. Then you start to wonder, what am I doing wrong? Will my business be a success and thrive? Will it even survive?  Did I get this whole business concept/idea wrong?

Then You Take The Ultimate [ wrong ] Step.

You widen  and expand your target market, as if magically your ideal client will find you.

You, my fellow entrepreneur and business owner have made the same mistake[s] I have.

You have lost your FOCUS.


                                         Is that your hand I see?

So Let’s Re FOCUS [ and get real ] By…

Telling Your Story.

What does your brand and business stand for? What you do and why you do it.

What makes you stand out from the crowd? Why are you so unique?

Why should a client work with you?  

What problems do your clients have and how do they feel about these problems?

And it is important to understand your business limitation.

“Hey, I am a solopreneur” my time is limited.


“Me create a video? No way”!!!

 [ don’t worry we got you covered ]

Next Let’s Identify Your “Soulmate Client.

In this exercise we “paint” the picture of your “SoulMate Client”.

[ paint not required ] 

Who they are,

Their background,

Their likes and dislikes,

What makes them tick [ tock ],

Why you want to work with them?

What can you offer?

Then Let’s Find Your Ideal Marketing Path.

Once we have determined who is your “SoulMate Client “, your absolute  ideal client/customer, we then find out where they hang out.

This could be on or off line [ most probably a combination of the two ].

And then the work begins to FOCUS on specific marketing.

Forget about marketing all over the place. Your goal is to FOCUS on your uniqueness, your ideal client and then hammer it home.

The Final Step…The Daily FOCUS 

What you do, when you do it and how you FOCUS on a daily basis is key. You will determine your MOJO time and create sessions so you get things done. AND you will slip in times when you DO NOT work [ your recharge time] .

Consistency is king or queen.

Repetition is where it is at.

Same Message

Same Voice

Same Offering


And,  we do this with the Less Is MORE mindset. Do LESS but achieve more by implementing a laser FOCUSed strategy. FOCUS on the important stuff and say toodles to the unnecessary baggage you have accumulated along the way.


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