It’s all how you look at it. The best of times, the worst of times. To all those Realtors who joined the profession since covid I am sureyou are wondering 

“What the heck is going on in the Real Estate market”?

During the pandemic we saw many migrate from large cities to the suburbs, Many left the north east of the USA and headed south to a warmer climate.

While the Covid Pandemic was a worldwide tragedy for those of us in Real Estate it was an opportunity not seen in many years.


If you joined us as a Realtor you saw the “best” of the real estate market.


As in any market, stock or housing, there are ebbs and flows. There is demand and supply, greed and fear. There is adjustment.

If you joined us in the last few years —>

And NOW is the time to create your plan and work your plan,

This is how I help the clients that I coach.

Join me in my three month intensive course where I will help you make this the best of YOUR TIME.

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