Roll with this concept before you say I am out of my mind.

Typically a business plan includes:

Transaction  + Goals all leading to $$$$ 

But how do you start if you are a new[er] agent?

In order to create a business plan you need to look at past performance. New to the game and you are out of luck.

Some would say pick a number $$$$ and go with that.


You and I know both know that if if you set targets/goals that are so far reaching you tend to give up. Hey this is human nature. 

So what is the solution?

How do you move forward if you have nothing to look back on?

The answer is quite simple.

Sounds simple but maybe not right? 

Here’s one way how it all begins. Marketing. And yes,I have talked about this before – as a Realtor you are a marketer. Period.

Plain and simple- YOU MUST MARKET. This doesn’t mean paying for some service to do the job for you or using generic marketing tools. Not at all.


Whether it be posting on facebook, instagram. linkedIn or  doing a video for youtube or tiktok you must be CONSISTENT

Sure this takes initial time and energy. The results might not come through right away. BUT you are building a business, your brand and creating success takes a firm foundation. 

Of course there is more to growing your Real Estate business and

after 25 years I have been there, done that. I can help you. DM if you want to know more.

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