Marketing in a changing Real Estate market CANNOT BE GENERIC.

My pet peeve is generic real estate [ or any marketing come to think of it ] on social media. I am sure you have seen it, maybe you use it… It typically is a “playlist” of the same posts. 

They are uninviting,

They are so “plastic”.

They are—>

Such a waste of money.

If you are marketing your service as a Realtor here in Florida, why in the world would you post an image of a home in the northeast. 

Why in the world would you post a picture of a happy family in front of their home wearing heavy 


I get it.

Life as a Realtor can be overwhelming if you let it. Don’t  think by subscribing to a marketing service that this is one task that is complete. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

Take the time to market yourself, or get a team member to complete this task or hire someone. No one buys from a generic ad.

You have to make them feel warm and fuzzy. You need to create a connection. 

Got it.

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