I have a FREE tip for you today. 

Use this when you are conducting an open house.

The next time you host an open house make sure you—> 

Introduce yourself to the neighbors. 

Here is the process:

  • Contact neighbors on both sides of the subject property. 
  • Contact the neighbors across street
  • Contact the neighbors on the back of the subject property if you are able.

Better yet….

Contact all the neighbors on the entire subject street. 

And then…


When the open house is finished, drop by their home. Ask them if they would like to know what is happening in the neighborhood in terms of real estate, or ask them if they want some industry question answered, or ask them if they know about portability, or ask them….

Get their email address to stay in order to stay in touch.

This business is all about building up honest relationships.

This is one way.

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