I had a webinar planned. You know the one with the pretty pictures, the talking head and at the end the CTA, the call to action. The promotion, the pitch to buy a product or service.

My business coach encouraged me to do a webinar, she provided the template and I put hours putting something together. 

And then

I decided to ditch the whole thing.

Because I believe that people don’t buy from pictures and simple words.

It is my belief that people buy from people. I know I do.

Before I put my hand in my pocket for my debit/credit card I have to know, like and trust that 


So let me tell you a bit about me.

My name is Carolyn Chebaro.

>I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life.

>I live in South Florida, with Miss Evie my dog and Hennrietta my 23 year old turtle.

>I am a vegan, and love to swim and cycle.

>I have worked as a Realtor for 25 years.

During this time I have worked with Realtors and Real Estate Brokerages with online marketing.

I have designed handbags, owned two souvenir stores and worked with my x importing cars from Lille, France to Bucharest, Romania.


One other final point is I believe the number on my birth certificate is just a name. My age  does not define me.

So here is what I know for sure

If you want to make money, real money you must treat this “thing” that you are doing as a business, whether it is a full time gig or part time. 

You must have the mindset of a business owner.


This creates a path, a foundation, a way forward.

You MUST treat your business, no matter what the size just like a fortune 500 company does in order to 


>Become Profitable

>Stay Profitable

The second thing I want to emphasize is you, as a business owner, are a marketer. 

>You are the voice of your business

>You are the pr department

WIthout marketing in place you cannot attract potential clients. You basically have a hobby.

You either have to learn how to market yourself or hire someone. Period.

Finally the third and final topic I want to discuss today is as an entrepreneur, a business owner, your life has a lot of ups and downs. 

Oftentimes it is hard to switch off. 

So much takes place between our two ears. 

And you need to feed your mind with positive thoughts and encouraging words.

One way I have learned how to do this is reading. 

You must fill your mind with the possibilities available to all of us. To the adventure of it all.

You must understand that you are in charge. You have the ability to do whatever it is you desire.



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