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 You took the real estate exam


You pass it!!

Next up, you join a real estate brokerage, take a few in house classes 

and expect to start “rolling in the bucks” Closing deals. Moolah. $$$$.

But suddenly you realize there is more to this Real Estate Agent profession than meets the eye.

Life as a Realtor is much more than passing a state exam. Far from it.

You realize that you really have NO IDEA how to create success in this profession.

This  frustration comes to those newly licensed agents and those that

have been licensed for years.

I have walked in your shoes. I get it.

A little bit about me

I have been an active Realtor, based solely in South Florida since 1998.

During this time I have worked in all price ranges, from several hundred thousand to multi million dollar homes.

In addition to actively selling real estate,  I have helped in marketing for individual Realtors and real estate brokerages. 

I have worked as a solopreneur and have been part of a team. I understand all that is involved in becoming a successful Realtor. This  includes the daily operation of running a real estate business —>

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Administration

And a whole lot more.

After so many years,  I have observed where far too many real estate agents go wrong, no matter what stage they are in their real estate career.  Simply because I have walked in those shoes. I understand you.

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