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Hi, My name is Carolyn Chebaro.

Welcome to my website !

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I am a small business owner. Like you, I love to work.


Is this love of work getting out of hand>>> mouse on that wheel comes to mind 🙂

I burned out often, got rest and started the vicious cycle again.

It was pure and utter madness.

I listen to and followed all the “Gurus’ online. With all this advice on how to run a business in the 21st century I got overwhelmed, got little accomplished and felt really stressed and worthless. I watched hours, weeks, months of videos and read what seemed like a library full of blog posts.

Why couldn’t I achieve the success they had>>>

And therein lies the answer. I was not them, they did not know me. They did not know my business, my experiences, my goals, my worth>>>

So I FINALLY decided to do something, to stop this madness.  I took time to review, analyze and refine, to learn from my successes and failures. I started yet, another journey. And it all came together because I was being authentic. I came up with and now follow my Less is MORE system.

Let me tell you more>>>

less is MORE is a lifestyle strategy. Initially implemented into my personal life and later incorporated into my business operation.

The concept>>LESS stress>>>MORE accomplished… Stay FOCUSED.

Let me tell you how I can help you. If this is you>>>

  • You are an entrepreneur.
  • Self-driven.
  • Motivated
  • Exhausted from working seven days a week and what seems like 25 hours a day and for you and

You STILL feel like you have accomplished very little.


Has your life has gotten out of rhythm?

Are you living to work and not the other way around?

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If you crave simplicity,  a structured work environment, a rounded work environment where you

  • FOCUS  on what is important
  • Quality over quantity
  • Don’t try to do everything yourself
  • Stay simple
  • Stay organized

Then the less Is MORE system is aimed at helping you.

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less is MORE… Always.