What is “The Club”?

“The Club” is an online gathering place and community of women 50+ who wish to live a Simple Life. Each month there is an EXPERT GUEST who will help Members on their journey to a less stressed lifereduced overwhelmed, and chaotic life. A RELAXED LIFE. Members learn how to take life slowly and enjoy their journey with a clear and calm attitude. You will find YOUR direction.

To motivate and inspire Members further each month Members will enjoy a casual  conversation with one EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN. Each women showcased in “The Club”, has had an obstacle in her life, met the challenge head on and came out the other side shining brightly. Undoubtedly, you will be motivated and inspired by these EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN.

The Club is a home where you are surrounded with like minded women all looking forward to a positive change in their lives. Relationships are formed in “The Club”. 

And along the way there are always surprises to delight you.

Join “The Club” today:)