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Thanks for registering on the waitlist for my new online community.

Carolyn’s Simple Life, The Club is an online community of like-minded women who want to live their Simple Life, a life with less overwhelm, stress, and angst. A life with more joy and laughter, more order, more time, and more.

.A quieter life, a peaceful life, a mindful life.

When you join the club you will be motivated, inspired, and guided to live your own Simple Life.

“The Club” is a place where I will reveal to you all that I have learned on my journey to my Simple Life. I will go over how I went from this crazy mad work-obsessed woman to peace and tranquility to a life where I worked less and got more accomplished. 

Oh, and did I mention during my crazy mad times I was a caregiver as well.

Here is more of my story…

After many years of sleepless nights, constant worry, fear, and a nagging knot in my stomach, I was, to put it politely, a mess. The overwhelm, stress, and angst were all-consuming. I knew something had to change. 

So I started on a journey to figure this madness all out. I knew I needed to create a different way of being and knew it was up to me.

I studied, I read, I observed. I tried and I tested. Time flew by, more than 10 years, and along this quest, I learned a great deal. 

And I saw what was going on around me. Life since the internet was changing, the life I knew with its values and pace was no longer the norm.

After all that “research” I finally came up with a plan. This plan, this strategy, this new way of being is what I now call the Simple Life. 

It is a life that you too can live.

When you join “The Club” I will reveal all that I have learned, I will help you to see there is another way of being, another way of living.

And it is not just me who will inspire you…, 

I will be bringing on experts in the fields of style, skincare, makeup, the art of decluttering, healthy living including food, exercise and organizing your home [ and life ]. Each month you will learn from professionals in their chosen field and will be able to ask questions of them directly.

“The Club” will be a place where you can develop friendships with women from all parts of the world.

And finally, 

Each month I will be interviewing an Xtraordinary woman. These are ladies who have inspiring stories of their own. They are interesting women we all can learn from. 

So that is a wrap…

Keep an eye out for emails from me. The fun begins in a few short weeks.