when to shop when to not

Recently I spoke about the two questions you should ask yourself before you buy a blouse, or as this video states, before you buy any new item for your Simple Life uniform.

Today I have one more question to add to this list.

You know it is a known fact that you should never, ever go food shopping when you are hungry.

I have done this and oh my goodness, I had food for weeks upon weeks. I purchased items 

I never should have, all because my stomach took over the buying.

All because I was hungry.


The same applies to your clothes, or in my world your uniform.

You should never go shopping when you look into your clothes and say to yourself

“ I don’t have anything to wear”. You will buy something you regret, it might sit in the closet or you might have to return to the retailer

When in the moment you have the “I don’t have anything to wear blues” —> 

You just need to look at it from a different angle. You need to get creative. You need to

look at the clothes in your closet with a new eye. 

  • Add accessories
  • Add jewelry
  • Collar up
  • Collar down – same goes for sleeves 
  • Use a different fragrance

I am certainly not saying you should never shop. No. I am saying when you wake in the morning

and think to yourself “ I don’t have a thing to wear” just look at your uniform a wee bit differently.

3 white blouses

Today I want to talk my Simple Life uniform.

You know, we were all brought up in an age where you had to have :

  • More
  • More
  • More
  • And MORE

If you wore the same article of clothing twice in one week…

  • Shock
  • Horror

You just were not cool.

My, my have things changed in my world.

In my world I wear a uniform. My daily wardrobe consists of a limited number of pieces, the number of which I decide. I’ve dressed this way for many, many years, probably decades, and in this article I want to talk about three items I recently purchased.

Over the last couple of months I have purchased several tops. Well, actually three. and I want to go over them with you, to review them with you, and to give you the idea that perhaps, maybe, maybe you should be wearing a uniform.

There are so many reasons to wear uniform. Here is a video on this very subject.

So let me begin…

I recently purchased this white top from Chico’s.

It is linen. It’s a shirt with the sleeves that are quite long, and I like that idea of them being long, and I’ll explain the reason why in the next little clip.

But it is linen, and I know a lot of women don’t like linen because it wrinkles, but you know what? For me, it’s going to wrinkle anyway, so it sort of lessons the pressure I put on myself to iron it.

I know this picture looks like a mugshot, but you can see what you can do just with a scarf. This is a long scarf, which a subscriber gave to my YouTube channel gave me

Here is a t-shirt style blouse or a top that I just purchased. It’s made of linen, it comes from Chico’s. What caught my attention on this t-shirt is these drop sleeves.

White linen top by Chicos

I purchased this because the sleeves are pretty long and that covers up the stuff I want to cover up, you know all the wobbly stuff that occurs [ the stuff that no matter what amount of exercise you do it does not move ]

I have eliminated a lot of white t-shirts just simply because they need to be discarded. They were worn out.

I have is I’ve also purchased a couple of these blouses and it is from Brooks Brothers. This is a cotton shirt. The sleeves are, as you can see, very, very long. What I like about it are the details and those details are the fact that it’s very good quality. The fine stripes match, The seams are very, very well constructed with seams.

There is a second button along the cuff placard.

And so overall, this is a good quality shirt. I bought two of them because that’s what I do if I find something I like.

I don’t like shopping.

You can also watch a video I created on this topic here

Would you purchase any of these tops/blouses? What is your style?Let me know in the comment box below.

My 4 Favorite Things

In this video I reveal four of my favorite things and dismiss the misleading theory that when one is a minimalist, or wishes to live a Simple Life when is cheap or frugal. This is so far from the truth.

What are your favorite things?

Let me know in the comment box below:)