Q & A What to do with [ art ] supplies and other stuff

Today’s Question 

“With the restrictions placed on the country I live, Greece I have decided to use my time wisely and start a new hobby. I have decided to start painting to pass the time by and explore my creativity.

Thank goodness for the internet because I now find I have to buy a “boat load of supplies” from paper, to paints and inks and paint brushes.

Here is my problem:

I find that these new supplies are EVERYWHERE! And it seems like my new supplies are being delivered daily

I am not sure what to do…

This new hobby was supposed to be relaxing and calming… Now I am stuck decluttering. I am drowning in my new hobby supplies- this is not my Simple Life!!”

Today’s Answer

Let me throw you a lifeline in Greece!

I suggest keeping all the supplies for your new hobby in one area in your home, say a shelf in a closet or if needs be two or more shelves. How about an unused drawer in a cabinet, or even a somewhat larger cardboard box kept under a table [ you could paint the box ]

I have also seen units that are moveable- with wheels,  that might serve your purpose.

As the time goes by I would incorporate the use of containers also. You might have old containers, boxes in your home for example. Shoe boxes, both the cardboard variety and the plastic types are excellent for storage. These containers could be used to hold a variety of items used in your new hobby.

Old glass jars can be used to store paint brushes [ as I know they must be held upright ].


By keeping hobby items in the same place you will always know they are on hand for easy use. This also will keep all other areas neat and tidy.

I hope this helps my friend in Greece. Let me know how you get on.