More about me

Where I live 

Where I live

South Florida between Miami and Florida.

I have not always lived here. I have spent much of my youth living in Europe namely Switzerland, England and  Northern Ireland.

One year I came back to celebrate my mother’s 60th birthday. I remember thinking, oh she is getting old, which is really ironic because today I have 62 years on this planet,  I really should be closer and I made a decision to move back to the USA. 

That was many years ago and while oftentimes I regretted the move, in the end it was best and all part of my journey.

My family

I have never had children, unless you count Miss Evie, my doggie and Hennreitta, my red eared slider turtle.

I don’t regret being childless because I firmly believe, with all my heart, that role was not part of my journey.

I do have a sister who lives in South Wales in the UK, two nephews. One is at college in Manchester, England and the other is doing his Masters Degree in Aberystwyth, Wales [ try saying that 3 times fast! ] I also have a dear friend in Northern Ireland who visits with me every winter for nearly 3 months- the weather is better here than in Bangor, County Down.

Why I exercise

I have seen first hand how lack of exercise, and moving your body, keeping it strong affects not only your health but your mental state. I will never, ever give into the mindset that I am too old… for anything… and this includes exercising. This mindset, this way of thinking has also led me down my path to a Simple Life.

Why I became a vegan

Well this story starts way back when I was living and working in Northern Ireland. I was there in the 1980’s when the troubles were still going on although not as bad and destructive as the 1970’s. If you want to know more about that let me know in the comment box below. 

I remember traveling back home after working on the other side of the province when I drove behind a truck that was filled with cows. All of a sudden my windscreen was all wet with yellow urine. I remember thinking to myself, oh they are alive in there. Somehow this really made an impression on me. I can  still feel it.

Then weeks, maybe months I remember reading an article about how northern Europeans get multiple sclerosis more often than those that lived in the south. Since my father dealt with this disease I remember thinking to myself, as I saw those cows in my mind’s eye , I will no longer eat meat. That was in the mid 1980’s.

Many decades later, in my caregiving role, I was taking this person to a holistic doctor. At the medical office the doctor had a library of books for those waiting. I recall reading about the effects of today’s diet on our health. So I started to read. That one summer I spent most of my time in a chair next to a hospital bed. I bought myself one of those reading lights you attach to book and I read and I read. 

And after time, I became a vegan.