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Helping NON Techy

Business owners go from

manual & messy systems


Simple systems

& processes

Do you feel stuck, frustrated & overwhelmed with online technology? 

You feel you are wasting your time, dropping balls all over the place. 

You might be working all the time, moving one step forward and two steps backward [or it just seems that way] just trying to figure a way forward.

Perhaps you try this, try that, and you seem to be running after shiny objects ALL THE TIME in search for a simple tech solution.

And …

…even worse, the idea of getting a JOB has crossed your mind.

Systems and processes  will help you move forward in your business. You will know what to do, how to do it and when to do it.   They provide you with structure, a framework.

In addition…

They free up your time to serve more clients. Systems and processes will make you more efficient and confident.


more relaxed with your family and friends. 

They will help you sleep at night!

Is this YOU?

Missing Appointments

This causes you stress and overwhelm and lost revenue.

Dropping Balls

There are so many things you can do at the same time… or are there?

Putting Out Fires ALL THE TIME 

Ultimately things get lost, you move four steps forward and five steps back. So frustrating.

I can help you

I can help you. I have created a step-by-step reboot program to assist you in creating simple systems and processes so you can run a profitable business alongside a joyful life.


These methods will help you —>


Save two hours a week on client processes, including client communication.


Save you energy [ and time ] with client onboarding.


Attract more clients [ $ ] and spread your message.


Provide you a method to monitor efficiency in your operation.


Allow you to hire support staff thus providing you more time to work on your business and not only in it.


Systems and processes create a/an:


✅Blueprint for the operation of your business.

✅Framework for today, tomorrow and the future

✅Action plan


Carolyn Chebaro Consulting

Hi I am Carolyn,




Patrice Perillo
Patrice Perillo MSS, LCSW
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“Carolyn calmed me down and helped me go through the program and then she patiently lead me through the process.”
Patti Reid
Patti Reid Realtor
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Her attitude that “One Size Does Not Fit All” has helped to maximize our exposure as Realtors in the South Florida area
Andre Barrett
Andre BarrettCEO
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I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking to build their brand she has great ideas,stays on schedule and provides quality work!
Anka Metcalf
Anka MetcalfCEO-Founder Trade Out Loud
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As a professional Carolyn excels at any project no matter the degree of difficulty.She is intuitive and very creative. She is deeply committed in each and every project or task she has going on.
Sigal Dagan
Sigal DaganRealtor
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I have found Carolyn Chebaro to be honest and straightforward in her approach to her work.
Dustin Tiobbitts
Dustin TiobbittsCEO-Founder Jazz Trading
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Carolyn's coaching pushed me to focus on my soulmate client. She helped me grow my YouTube channel beyond what I could have ever imagined. More importantly, the phone is ringing. I cannot thank her enough!

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