feedback from others

… I have been inspired by you. It means so much to see someone of MY AGE on YouTube talking about simplicity. And talking about it from a home and from a place of enjoying things — not reducing to two plate and one bath towel…

Gina Marie

Thank you for being a mentor to me on my journey to a simpler life

Ann. R

“Using the checklists have helped me clarify and examine ME.  Enjoying

the process.  Thank you for your thoughtful and provocative insights.

Appreciate your vulnerability and openness to share.  You have walked

the path. “


Thank you Carolyn. It is all about self care and it is a constant struggle for me. Thank you for the motivation to do better.

Karen R.

…thank you for helping us on this journey…

Meg C.

…your uniform idea makes life so much easier. Also love your products reviews…

Etta 08

Although I de clutter regularly, I still have over 150 items in my wardrobe.  So yes, you definitely are inspirational.  I’m getting better at editing and finding design elements that work for my body type, etc.

Lu Re

  “Your message and the work you have done and that you are generous

  enough to share is making a difference in my life. I am encouraged for the first time in a while and wanted to personally thank you!”

Gertrude K.