3 white blouses

Today I want to talk my Simple Life uniform. You know, we were all brought up in an age where you had to have : More More More And MORE If you wore the same article of clothing twice in one week… Shock Horror You just were not cool. My, my have things changed in… Continue reading 3 white blouses

my minimalism makeup

I put together a much video recently. The topic of discussion is my current makeup routine- which actually has changed a wee bit since my last reveal [ sounds important right!] Here is that video. BUT  I want to stress one thing. This is my routine. It suits me. It makes me FEEL like me. This “… Continue reading my minimalism makeup

the night before

You don’t have to look too far on the internet to see videos, podcasts and blog posts about the importance of having a routine- habits so to speak that you practice day in and day out.  Well I have decided to ‘throw in the towel” so to speak and reveal my evening routine. This routine sets me… Continue reading the night before

the “nothingness challenge”

I don’t know about you but I am always up for a good challenge. I am all in when it comes to trying something new, something that will widenmy imagination, my normal, and push me to do or try something thatdoes not come easily or naturally to me… something I havenever experienced before. What about you?… Continue reading the “nothingness challenge”

creating a cohesive uniform

I have been going live each day for many weeks. During these sessions I have answered many questions that I get about living a Simple Life.  [ If you haven’t downloaded the workbook I have created for you, now is the time!!] [ If you haven’t downloaded the workbook I have created for you, now… Continue reading creating a cohesive uniform

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the guilt is real

A recent question I answered live on YouTube was“How to deal with heirlooms “ Here is that video. I had a comment from a subscriber who noted thatthe guilt you feel, even just considering getting ridof an heirloom piece, is real. I get it. In this case, the subscriber, let me call her Mary, saidthat… Continue reading the guilt is real

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be honest…

Be honest. How many times have you opened up a cupboard door, looked ina drawer or looked in a sealed up dusty box, that is hidden behind the garage door, and said to yourself—-> Ahhh that is where it is! Or Ahhhhhh I remember that item? Now remember we are going to be truthful here—>… Continue reading be honest…

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