my home is a MESS

How do you lead a Simple Life when all around you is physically in chaos? Many of us have been living in our current homes for a while. Perhaps you have downsized to a smaller home. In both cases, you might find that your home needs updating, a “few renovations”… some tweaking. So the question… Continue reading my home is a MESS

those lemons…

Have you ever had a nagging feeling in thepit of your stomach? You  simply knowyou need a break from the day in and dayout of your life Heck with covid who doesn’t feel that way! Sometimes you just need to breathe “different air”to gain a new perspective, a sort of freshening up of thecobwebs in between… Continue reading those lemons…

glowing skin after 50 ish:)

Funny thing is—> as we continue our travels [ thorough life ] our skin seems to play tricks on us. The look  feel texture changes. Have you found this to be true? Sadly we all seem to take these changes as being negative. Whoa… Hold on…. Not true. You just need to make some itsy,… Continue reading glowing skin after 50 ish:)

lessons from Romania part 2

I recently posted a video about the time I spent in Romania. I received many requests for more of those adventures and so today I have another story for you.  Let me set the scene – even before heading off to eastern Europe.  I love lipsticks.  But at one point it my life they were… Continue reading lessons from Romania part 2

lessons from Romania-part 1

I did not wake up one morning and decided to live a Simple Life. The process evolved and this journey continues daily. And Given the chance, I have learned, we all can learn from each other.  We all can learn to lead a quiet, peaceful, meaningful life. And This was my lesson. My hopes are… Continue reading lessons from Romania-part 1

when to shop when to not

Recently I spoke about the two questions you should ask yourself before you buy a blouse, or as this video states, before you buy any new item for your Simple Life uniform. Today I have one more question to add to this list. You know it is a known fact that you should never, ever… Continue reading when to shop when to not

3 white blouses

Today I want to talk my Simple Life uniform. You know, we were all brought up in an age where you had to have : More More More And MORE If you wore the same article of clothing twice in one week… Shock Horror You just were not cool. My, my have things changed in… Continue reading 3 white blouses

my minimalism makeup

I put together a much video recently. The topic of discussion is my current makeup routine- which actually has changed a wee bit since my last reveal [ sounds important right!] Here is that video. BUT  I want to stress one thing. This is my routine. It suits me. It makes me FEEL like me. This “… Continue reading my minimalism makeup

the night before

You don’t have to look too far on the internet to see videos, podcasts and blog posts about the importance of having a routine- habits so to speak that you practice day in and day out.  Well I have decided to ‘throw in the towel” so to speak and reveal my evening routine. This routine sets me… Continue reading the night before