my home is a MESS

How do you lead a Simple Life when all around you is physically in chaos?

Many of us have been living in our current homes for a while. Perhaps you have downsized to a smaller home. In both cases, you might find that your home needs updating, a “few renovations”… some tweaking.

So the question is how do you live with a mess in the interim when all around you is upside down, so to speak.

  • When the kitchen is in the living room
  • When the living room has a toilet in it.
  • When there is plastic sheeting on your dining room walls.

In this video I have a few suggestions for you, ways to cope and get through the mess. MEMO TO SELF

those lemons…

Have you ever had a nagging feeling in the
pit of your stomach? You  simply know
you need a break from the day in and day
out of your life

Heck with covid who doesn’t feel that way!

Sometimes you just need to breathe “different air”
to gain a new perspective, a sort of freshening up of the
cobwebs in between your two ears, and see
life differently from a changed vantage point.

This was me this week.

Let me fill you in—>

I am having some work done in my home which, well
I won’t bore you with it but it was either

1-Stay at home and start to drink heavily
[  which I don’t do, never have
done but… well… the idea has crossed
over into my mind
on several occasions recently ]


2-Get out of dodge.

I chose the latter.

Miss Evie and I are in southwest Florida.

“We”, sounds weird I know, as
I include my 12- pound  chihuahua as a part
of the “we”, but well, gotta tell it like it is.

“We” are staying in Naples where:

  • The air is still hot
  • The humidity is still “off the charts”
  • The sun is “ a shinin” and the sky a blue I cannot put into words [ magnificent ]

I hope to send you a video and put some pictures on my instagram account.

As you can see I have brought my laptop to do a bit  of correspondence with you.



Consider some changes I need to make- more about those
changes in an upcoming video on YouTube.


The sounding suggestion that I offer to you is that
when you get all caught up, stressed and
overwhelmed with your life

Take that break
do something different

Interrupt the pattern of your everyday life.

There is a  a sign in the lobby of the hotel that “we” are staying that
says it all

“When life gives you lemons it is time to refresh yourself”.

Honestly, this works!

If you make that shift hit that reply button and let “ us “ know.

glowing skin after 50 ish:)

Funny thing is—>

as we continue our travels [ thorough life ]

our skin seems to play tricks on us.


  • look 
  • feel
  • texture changes.

Have you found this to be true?

Sadly we all seem to take these changes as being negative.


Hold on….

Not true.

You just need to make some itsy, bitsy, amendments, not only to

our view of this very subject but to our routines, habits, the products

we use and the biggie, our mindsets.


This is the very topic of discussion this week on my YouTube channel.

I have some new products that I am using, a review on a neck lotion 

and potion and other ideas.

lessons from Romania part 2

I recently posted a video about the time I spent in Romania. I received many requests for more of those adventures and so today I have another story for you. 

Let me set the scene – even before heading off to eastern Europe. 

I love lipsticks. 

But at one point it my life they were an obsession. I had a lot of lipstick. Tons. Bags full.


They were not only drugstore brands, oh no, I had to spend enough money on a single lipstick, enough to feed a family an evening meal.

 I would buy a new lippie if

  • I was happy
  • I was sad
  • I thought that magically I would look like one of those “ children” in Vogue magazine.

I loved the feel of them on my lips.

I loved the color of them

I loved the smell of them

I loved how they made me feel when I put them on and when I took them out in a public arena and put them on.

I was the poster child for lipstick obsessions.

And then my journey started, the journey that eventually, thankfully let me see that I could lead a perfectly lovely life, a Simple Life, with less of everything, including my beloved lipsticks.

As I stated in my previous video, I lived  just shy of year in Bucharest Romania. This experience was probably, next to my caregiving role, one of the best in my life. I learned so much.

Funny, someone recently asked me did I learn this lesson while in Romania. I did not, it was only when I came back to this side of the Atlantic did the impressions start to filter into my thoughts and mind.

One day, I was sitting in our apartment. Chebaro had gone out to work. 

  • I was alone
  • I was bored.

So I thought to myself, let me have a look at my lipsticks. I then went through each of the lipsticks, checking each one out and deciding if I was going to keep or get rid of a few.

Soon I had a plastic bag of lippies that I thought I had no more use for. 

Then, in order to get some fresh air I thought let me take them down to the garbage area and toss them away. This is exactly what I did. Down I went the 4 flights of stairs [ no elevator in this building – good exercise ! ]

The dumpster was right next to the area where the local people were able to collect their milk.

carolyn Chebaro simple life romania
This is where the locals received their milk and the site of my lipstick lesson.

With one swoosh the bag was in the rubbish area. Finishing that task I headed back home.

A few hours later I headed out. This time my driver took me to swim at a hotel. 

As we passed that area, the one next to the milk drop where I discarded my unwanted lipstick I noticed that the bag that I had used was sitting on the ground. I asked my driver to stop so I could have a gander…

The lipsticks that were of no value to me, the used lipsticks, were all gone. Taken by someone or several people that saw value in what I simply threw away.

And even then it hit me

  • I had no regard for money.
  • I had no regard for my time and the time it took to make that money.
  • I had no regard for the excess that I had accumulated 
  • I had no regard or understanding that to the local Romanias what I had simply through away was gold dust. To them it had value.

They could neither buy or afford those lipsticks They also could not even source them.They had more important things to do with their money- like feed and clothe themselves. 

So my question to you today is 

  • Do you value what you own?
  • Do you buy just for the sake of buying- of getting?
  • Does it all come too easy for you?
  • Do you live with excess?

It might not be lipsticks, or even makeup, maybe it is clothing, maybe it is eating out all the time, maybe you have several family cars and you could eliminate one or more?

I am NOT saying do without. 

I am NOT saying living a Simple Life means being frugal or cheap. Quite the opposite. I am suggesting that you become aware of what is around you, what is taking up your space- both the physical and head space. Become away what you are spending time and energy on. 

lessons from Romania-part 1

I did not wake up one morning and decided to live a Simple Life. The process evolved and this journey continues daily.


Given the chance, I have learned, we all can learn from each other.  We all can learn to lead a quiet, peaceful, meaningful life.


This was my lesson. My hopes are you, after you watch this video, too can look at things a “wee” bit differently.

In the early 1990’s , five years after the communist leader was executed, I spent a year in Bucharest, Romania. 

Here is what I learned.

when to shop when to not

Recently I spoke about the two questions you should ask yourself before you buy a blouse, or as this video states, before you buy any new item for your Simple Life uniform.

Today I have one more question to add to this list.

You know it is a known fact that you should never, ever go food shopping when you are hungry.

I have done this and oh my goodness, I had food for weeks upon weeks. I purchased items 

I never should have, all because my stomach took over the buying.

All because I was hungry.


The same applies to your clothes, or in my world your uniform.

You should never go shopping when you look into your clothes and say to yourself

“ I don’t have anything to wear”. You will buy something you regret, it might sit in the closet or you might have to return to the retailer

When in the moment you have the “I don’t have anything to wear blues” —> 

You just need to look at it from a different angle. You need to get creative. You need to

look at the clothes in your closet with a new eye. 

  • Add accessories
  • Add jewelry
  • Collar up
  • Collar down – same goes for sleeves 
  • Use a different fragrance

I am certainly not saying you should never shop. No. I am saying when you wake in the morning

and think to yourself “ I don’t have a thing to wear” just look at your uniform a wee bit differently.

3 white blouses

Today I want to talk my Simple Life uniform.

You know, we were all brought up in an age where you had to have :

  • More
  • More
  • More
  • And MORE

If you wore the same article of clothing twice in one week…

  • Shock
  • Horror

You just were not cool.

My, my have things changed in my world.

In my world I wear a uniform. My daily wardrobe consists of a limited number of pieces, the number of which I decide. I’ve dressed this way for many, many years, probably decades, and in this article I want to talk about three items I recently purchased.

Over the last couple of months I have purchased several tops. Well, actually three. and I want to go over them with you, to review them with you, and to give you the idea that perhaps, maybe, maybe you should be wearing a uniform.

There are so many reasons to wear uniform. Here is a video on this very subject.

So let me begin…

I recently purchased this white top from Chico’s.

It is linen. It’s a shirt with the sleeves that are quite long, and I like that idea of them being long, and I’ll explain the reason why in the next little clip.

But it is linen, and I know a lot of women don’t like linen because it wrinkles, but you know what? For me, it’s going to wrinkle anyway, so it sort of lessons the pressure I put on myself to iron it.

I know this picture looks like a mugshot, but you can see what you can do just with a scarf. This is a long scarf, which a subscriber gave to my YouTube channel gave me

Here is a t-shirt style blouse or a top that I just purchased. It’s made of linen, it comes from Chico’s. What caught my attention on this t-shirt is these drop sleeves.

White linen top by Chicos

I purchased this because the sleeves are pretty long and that covers up the stuff I want to cover up, you know all the wobbly stuff that occurs [ the stuff that no matter what amount of exercise you do it does not move ]

I have eliminated a lot of white t-shirts just simply because they need to be discarded. They were worn out.

I have is I’ve also purchased a couple of these blouses and it is from Brooks Brothers. This is a cotton shirt. The sleeves are, as you can see, very, very long. What I like about it are the details and those details are the fact that it’s very good quality. The fine stripes match, The seams are very, very well constructed with seams.

There is a second button along the cuff placard.

And so overall, this is a good quality shirt. I bought two of them because that’s what I do if I find something I like.

I don’t like shopping.

You can also watch a video I created on this topic here

Would you purchase any of these tops/blouses? What is your style?Let me know in the comment box below.

my minimalism makeup

I put together a much video recently. The topic of discussion is my current makeup routine- which actually has changed a wee bit since my last reveal [ sounds important right!]

Here is that video.


I want to stress one thing.

This is my routine. It suits me. It makes me FEEL like me. This “ stuff” that I put on my face makes me FEEL good, put together, ready for my world.


You are you, and you must, stress MUST do what makes you FEEL like you. Wear the makeup that makes you FEEL ready for your world.

  • Layers of makeup. Fine
  • No makeup.Fine

It’s all about

  • FEELING good on the inside.
  • FEELING good on the outside & spreading your joy and happiness.

It’s a double whammy.

marketing awareness & a Tip

Watch the video here.

Today I want to share a tip with a Simple Life tip with you. 

It is using an ordinary household item. 

BUT first I want to stress one thing—>

  • This is not about being cheap
  • This is not about being frugal
  • This is not about doing without


But before I give you the tip I want you to become aware of something, and perhaps the reason you might have purchased the item, and in this case, shampoo in the first place.

We are all, every single one of us, being marketed to. It 

starts from:

  • The moment you switch on your phone,
  • Turn on the radio or television
  • Or log on to the internet.

Notice I did not mention the moments you spend reading

a good ole fashioned magazine but it is there too…

  • Every single moment
  • Every single second you are being marketed to


In the case of the internet your likes, dislikes, wants and desires are being monitored. Data about you is collected. Sadly I believe that these marketing “gurus”  and their artificial intelligences might know about you than you do.

These ai’s know your buying patterns. It is scary …

BUT the key is to be aware this is taking place. Be one step ahead of the game so to speak. Understand what the power, if you give it to them, these marketing, multinational companies have on you.

A simple solution is to set rules on your buying,your purchasing.

And this is a topic for another time. As the advert [ lol ] says–the more you know.

My message today is just to become aware..

Case in point—> I purchased a HUHE bottle Shampoo ages ago. What was I ever thinking… except I was marketed to- “Buy this size… better value etc”. But really with my really-really- really short hair, how long do you thing, how many years is it going to take for me to use this shampoo? Decades. 

Now for the tip I mentioned earlier

This is another use for Shampoo, in particular the old Shampoo that is sitting somewhere in the back of your bathroom vanity, maybe on the shelf in a storage counter or perhaps just taking up space in your bath/shower.

First off, if you have watched me before you will know I take great care in laundering my clothing. I do not put anything in the tumble dryer. I let things 

The air is dry.

The same applies to my undies. I take great care of them and…. drum roll please

I wash my undergarments in the shower using unused Shampoo.

Think of it:

The shampoo, provided it is not the purple stuff I use for my hair , is generally very gentle- well because we are using it on our head.

The shampoo used has a pleasant smell.


It is so easy to do this type of cleaning.

So the moral of the story is always be aware that you are being marketed to. Awareness is key.

the night before

You don’t have to look too far on the internet to see videos, podcasts and blog posts about the importance of having a routine- habits so to speak that you practice day in and day out. 

Well I have decided to ‘throw in the towel” so to speak and reveal my evening routine.

This routine sets me up for the next day. 

This Simple Life routine helps me and I hope it will help you.

Let’s roll—>

#1 I never ever leave dishes from the day in the sink. They are always washed, by hand every single time. I will not lie and say they are put away in their home because they are not.

I am good, but not that good.

#2 I prepare for my next day at work. I go over what I need to make happen, jot it down in my diary and place the diary back in its place on my desk.

#3 After taking Miss Evie out for her evening walk, and after cleaning her up for bed [ please stop laughing ] I set about putting all her toys in one area.

BTW—> Did you get your free guide on How to Jumpstart Your Simple Life? No??? you can get it here.

#4 I do the same for the “human” items. Everything is put back in its place. The remote control, or as I call them, the buttons, are put back in the same place every evening. The same goes for my mobile phone. It is placed on her charger, pillows are straightened on the couch, candles set up for the next day.

THIS IS KEY. Everything back in its place removes the stress and overwhelm for the next day.

#5 I then put some water on for tea, which I sip in bed while I read. Normally it is a herbal tea, this time I am using Earl Grey with Lavender.

#6 Before crawling into bed I clean my face and put on my lotions and potions. This practice is very important, self care, because this simple step sets me up for the next day. I know in my mind I am taking care of what I was given.

I don’t think there is one wrong or right way to end your day, except maybe to do everything with gratitude. We all have our own paths to walk. This is just mine and what I practice in my Simple Life.