I have nothing to wear

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning, headed over to your closet and it is full to the brim with “stuff”? And these words float through the air…

I don’t have a thing to wear!

In addition

If all you see is a closet full of clothing, all colors, shapes, sizes.

  • Blouses here,
  • Tops there,
  • Skirts and trousers of all lengths EVERYWHERE!

Is this you? I get it.

And the good news there is a better way to start your day. Here are the details:)

why did I buy that?

Is this you?

“Why did I buy that”?

Did ever make a purchase, online or in person and think to yourself “What was I thinking”?

I have been there, done that.

In the heat of the moment you pull out your credit card or put an item in your cart online and bingo, viola it is yours!!! And then when you come off of the “buy high” you ask yourself ”

Why did I buy that???

This is what this video is all about. I offer several suggestions on keeping an eye out on your purchases so at the end of the day will never ask yourself

“Why did I buy that”?

the red light effect

Have I ever mentioned that I am stubborn?


Let me explain…

Recently I was stopped at a red light [ in my car!!]. Apparently, I did not engage the gas pedal quick enough and the driver behind me let out a big, loud ole honk of his car horn.

This is where my stubborn self takes over.

I go slow.

I mean…

What is the rush?

My theory in this instance is I prefer to be a few minutes late at my destination than not arrive at all.


This mindset  can be applied to so many areas of your life.

First off—

Never, ever let someone push your  buttons [ or gas pedal ]

Take life slowly


Be happy on your journey.

the great underwear challenge

Today, in this video, I want to dive into the topic of undies.


I have a challenge for you at the end of this episode so stick around until the end.


You know—->

Underwear, lingerie , bras, panties – knickers if you are across the pond.

The Great Underwear Challenge

First off I am going to be referencing bras and panties. But this concept includes all lingerie, slips, camisoles, body suites, garter belts- all intimate apparel.- the lot.

There are bras and panties that come in all

  • fits
  • colors
  • fabrics- silk. polyester, cotton

They can come at all price points.

First, let me speak about the,,,


There are bras with what we would call the normal straps and fits  PICTURE and then there are those that adjust to the outer clothing that you are wearing.

There are bras that have that underwire piece that lifts and supports you in that quite frankly can be quite annoying.

Then There are  panties that come in all shapes and sizes including :

  • Boxer types 
  • High rise briefs
  • Regular briefs
  • Cheeks types and for the brave things… although to me they are also very uncomfortable.

Undies come in all


For me this is a range of colors. As you know. In my SImple Life there are a limited number of items but in terms of colors this includes, black, white,neutral   and I go against my trend with red, and neutral. Oh and yes a blue sports bra.


Here is where , in my opinion, this all gets interesting.

You can go to a big box store and purchase bags of undies in cotton and cotton blends. IMAGES. Buy 3 get one free, buy one get one free….

And then there is the satins, silks, the laces and other finery.

WIth the cotton and cotton blend you can typically wash in a machine.

With the finer pieces you can still wash in a machine on a gentle cycle – I USE THIS. or you can wash by hand. It is a toss up with me. 

Underwear has many roles, in most cases to keep our bits and pieces in check. They also  keep you clean and tidy. 

The challenge I offer you comes in two parts:

Part One

How much do you really need?

You can only wear one pair of undies and one bra at a time.

How many colors do you really need? 

How many styles? 

So now…

Go through and get rid of those items that do not fit, you have not worn in a while, those that are worn, those that you do not like.

Get rid of your granny pants and bras

Part Two

Take a new perspective. on your inner wardrobe.

We tend to think that our outer clothing is what really matters- you know, how you present yourself to the world..


How would you feel wearing something more feminine? Something that would make you feel “appealing “ and I am not saying to someone else but to yourself.

But I challenge you to take a new perspective and start looking at your undies. Start wearing 

the items that make you feel good, make you feel filled with confidence. As I have tried to 

impress on you – in order to live a Simple Life you should surround yourself with the things that you love… and that starts my friend with what you put on under your uniform, your underwear.

skincare 50+

I often get asked how I care for my skin and this is the topic of this week’s blog post and YouTube episode.

I am going to take a different way of discussing this subject. I am going to explore this topic from the inside and then the outside.

Stick with me, this will make sense by the end of the video.

Let’s start on the inside. The things that you do for and on the inside.

For my birthday this past month I treated myself to a facial. I must confess I was a bit dubious with covid and all but decided I really needed to live my life.

It was lovely , took place in a van all kitted out as a mobile spa and I met the esthetician in a local park. IMAGE

 I am not sure what I liked best, the scent of the lotions and potions, the massages? It was probably a combination of the two. At the end of the facial I FELT so relaxed . I was happy that I took care of myself.


I drink a ton of water. I have one of those water filter boxes IMAGES in my refrigerator that I have to fill often. I have found that this helps with my hydration and makes me FEEL good…. sort of clean on the inside.

I will be preaching the choir of course when I say exercising is so important, no matter what it is  you do. I prefer swimming. I cannot tell you how alive I FEEL when I swim my laps. Some might say Wow how boring going back and forth, it really is mindless  but for me no. I love it.

I also do my best to eat fresh foods and nothing processed. I have been a vegan for going on I think around 8 years and have not eaten meat since the 80’s….now that shows my age. Eating this way makes me FEEL good, FEEL Content.


Taking time to relax and do nothing to me is very important . I must confess this took years for me to get a grip on and I still struggle with it but quieting my mind really is key.I sort of do this when I swim.

 I really suggest you try this.

Now the outside which I feel comes secondary

First I must say that taking the time to conduct my daily ritual is the crossover between the inside and the out… let me explain.

I have learned that it is very important to take care of my skin, on the physical side.

  1. Sunscreen- even in the house if lots of light gets in.
  1. I really like serums. They are light in texture and for me easy to use.
  1. Currently I am using: ~Niacinamide which according to the manufacturer it—->The Ordinary Serums help reduce the appearance of blemishes & congestion. Brightens skin while visibly improving the evenness of skin texture. I think of it as like Drano or any other cleaner, it clears out the pores. ~Lactic Acid which again according to Decim: Technology. Lactic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin. Collagen from Neutrogena…. which says it has “ Triple Lift Serum” I have used for about a month and honestly do not see the difference BUT it smells heavenly to me and this makes me FEEL good and well that is what it is all about to me
  2. I used to have electronic brush but it broke and I never replace if you use one and are satisfied I would love to know what you suggest.

don’t you get bored?

I get asked all the time…


Don’t you get boarded wearing your uniform.

I get it. A uniform is not for everyone.

[ I will be discussing this very topic & an alternative idea for you in the coming weeks ].

There are several things that I do/ wear that make wearing a uniform interesting.

I speak about these in this video

the time of year

For those of us who reside in these 50 states I bet you are expecting a “Happy Thanksgiving” from me.

Well that and something else. I have equally important message:

Beware of the MARKETING.

Hey I don’t want to appear to be a killjoy but this time of year you really need to pay attention to—->


Yes, tis the season be be bombarded with

  • The “buys”
  • The “deals”
  • The “free shipping and handling”.

Those black Fridays must haves.


Before you hit that buy button or hand over your hard earned cash at a brick and mortar store I suggest you ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I need it
  • Do they need it
  • Will it fit into what I own
  • WIll it fit into what they own

Am I buying just to buy?

Hey I get it. 

This is the time of year to give or so we have been told.

But remember all gifts do not have to come with a price tag. If you did not catch my video last week here are some of my holiday gift giving ideas.

The MARKETING is all around us.

My request to you is just to aware.

So there, I have said it. 

Go forth my dear reader, have a wonderful week and beware of the MARKETING.

the best you can

  • I think
  • I know

We sometimes forget that we are only human.


Sometimes we push too hard. We expect too much from ourselves.


We don’t realize we are simply doing the best we can.

Case in point

I have just launched a private community. As you can imagine there are many moving parts. Content. Techy. Ideas. Design.

Just recently I caught myself getting frustrated. The words did not echo in my head but I knew they were there under all those rolling marbles. Oh the noise!

I am sure this has happened to you, right?

When this happens, and you know it will, try this.

First acknowledge that you are doing your best – and that isall you can expect from yourself. 

Then try this. It works:

Just do nothing.


Sit and relax, feel the calm, feel the peace.’

It works.


Let me know how you get on with this practice in the comment box below or email me at Carolyn@CarolynChebaro.com

a simple guideline

If you have been watching me on YouTube you will know that my home is somewhat under construction.

now that is a laugh, it is COMPLETELY under construction.

I must admit I have dust and bits of paint where I never dreamed possible!!


There is one thing I know for sure. 

Living with this mess is possible because I put things back in their place [ whenever I can ].


This is one of the guidelines to living a Simple Life:

A place for everything and everything in its place.

[ I bet if you close your eyes you can hear those words being told to you as a child. RIght?]

Practicing this strategy has kept this process of renovation manageable. It makes living a Simple Life  achievable.

I have lived this way for many years and found that this concept, this simple action

  • keeps my head clear
  • keeps me calm
  • keeps the overwhelm at bay

It helps me make decisions easier.


I can find “my stuff” easier. There is no need to search for:

  • the holiday wrapping paper
  • the screw driver when it is needed
  • the charger for my phone.

Putting things back, in the place that you have decided they belong, is such an easy practice. It keeps life simple, and hey isn’t this what we all are looking to achieve—> A Simple Life:)