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We sometimes forget that we are only human.


Sometimes we push too hard. We expect too much from ourselves.


We don’t realize we are simply doing the best we can.

Case in point

I have just launched a private community. As you can imagine there are many moving parts. Content. Techy. Ideas. Design.

Just recently I caught myself getting frustrated. The words did not echo in my head but I knew they were there under all those rolling marbles. Oh the noise!

I am sure this has happened to you, right?

When this happens, and you know it will, try this.

First acknowledge that you are doing your best – and that isall you can expect from yourself. 

Then try this. It works:

Just do nothing.


Sit and relax, feel the calm, feel the peace.’

It works.


Let me know how you get on with this practice in the comment box below or email me at

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