those lemons…

Have you ever had a nagging feeling in the
pit of your stomach? You  simply know
you need a break from the day in and day
out of your life

Heck with covid who doesn’t feel that way!

Sometimes you just need to breathe “different air”
to gain a new perspective, a sort of freshening up of the
cobwebs in between your two ears, and see
life differently from a changed vantage point.

This was me this week.

Let me fill you in—>

I am having some work done in my home which, well
I won’t bore you with it but it was either

1-Stay at home and start to drink heavily
[  which I don’t do, never have
done but… well… the idea has crossed
over into my mind
on several occasions recently ]


2-Get out of dodge.

I chose the latter.

Miss Evie and I are in southwest Florida.

“We”, sounds weird I know, as
I include my 12- pound  chihuahua as a part
of the “we”, but well, gotta tell it like it is.

“We” are staying in Naples where:

  • The air is still hot
  • The humidity is still “off the charts”
  • The sun is “ a shinin” and the sky a blue I cannot put into words [ magnificent ]

I hope to send you a video and put some pictures on my instagram account.

As you can see I have brought my laptop to do a bit  of correspondence with you.



Consider some changes I need to make- more about those
changes in an upcoming video on YouTube.


The sounding suggestion that I offer to you is that
when you get all caught up, stressed and
overwhelmed with your life

Take that break
do something different

Interrupt the pattern of your everyday life.

There is a  a sign in the lobby of the hotel that “we” are staying that
says it all

“When life gives you lemons it is time to refresh yourself”.

Honestly, this works!

If you make that shift hit that reply button and let “ us “ know.

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