when to shop when to not

Recently I spoke about the two questions you should ask yourself before you buy a blouse, or as this video states, before you buy any new item for your Simple Life uniform.

Today I have one more question to add to this list.

You know it is a known fact that you should never, ever go food shopping when you are hungry.

I have done this and oh my goodness, I had food for weeks upon weeks. I purchased items 

I never should have, all because my stomach took over the buying.

All because I was hungry.


The same applies to your clothes, or in my world your uniform.

You should never go shopping when you look into your clothes and say to yourself

“ I don’t have anything to wear”. You will buy something you regret, it might sit in the closet or you might have to return to the retailer

When in the moment you have the “I don’t have anything to wear blues” —> 

You just need to look at it from a different angle. You need to get creative. You need to

look at the clothes in your closet with a new eye. 

  • Add accessories
  • Add jewelry
  • Collar up
  • Collar down – same goes for sleeves 
  • Use a different fragrance

I am certainly not saying you should never shop. No. I am saying when you wake in the morning

and think to yourself “ I don’t have a thing to wear” just look at your uniform a wee bit differently.

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