marketing awareness & a Tip

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Today I want to share a tip with a Simple Life tip with you. 

It is using an ordinary household item. 

BUT first I want to stress one thing—>

  • This is not about being cheap
  • This is not about being frugal
  • This is not about doing without


But before I give you the tip I want you to become aware of something, and perhaps the reason you might have purchased the item, and in this case, shampoo in the first place.

We are all, every single one of us, being marketed to. It 

starts from:

  • The moment you switch on your phone,
  • Turn on the radio or television
  • Or log on to the internet.

Notice I did not mention the moments you spend reading

a good ole fashioned magazine but it is there too…

  • Every single moment
  • Every single second you are being marketed to


In the case of the internet your likes, dislikes, wants and desires are being monitored. Data about you is collected. Sadly I believe that these marketing “gurus”  and their artificial intelligences might know about you than you do.

These ai’s know your buying patterns. It is scary …

BUT the key is to be aware this is taking place. Be one step ahead of the game so to speak. Understand what the power, if you give it to them, these marketing, multinational companies have on you.

A simple solution is to set rules on your buying,your purchasing.

And this is a topic for another time. As the advert [ lol ] says–the more you know.

My message today is just to become aware..

Case in point—> I purchased a HUHE bottle Shampoo ages ago. What was I ever thinking… except I was marketed to- “Buy this size… better value etc”. But really with my really-really- really short hair, how long do you thing, how many years is it going to take for me to use this shampoo? Decades. 

Now for the tip I mentioned earlier

This is another use for Shampoo, in particular the old Shampoo that is sitting somewhere in the back of your bathroom vanity, maybe on the shelf in a storage counter or perhaps just taking up space in your bath/shower.

First off, if you have watched me before you will know I take great care in laundering my clothing. I do not put anything in the tumble dryer. I let things 

The air is dry.

The same applies to my undies. I take great care of them and…. drum roll please

I wash my undergarments in the shower using unused Shampoo.

Think of it:

The shampoo, provided it is not the purple stuff I use for my hair , is generally very gentle- well because we are using it on our head.

The shampoo used has a pleasant smell.


It is so easy to do this type of cleaning.

So the moral of the story is always be aware that you are being marketed to. Awareness is key.

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