the night before

You don’t have to look too far on the internet to see videos, podcasts and blog posts about the importance of having a routine- habits so to speak that you practice day in and day out. 

Well I have decided to ‘throw in the towel” so to speak and reveal my evening routine.

This routine sets me up for the next day. 

This Simple Life routine helps me and I hope it will help you.

Let’s roll—>

#1 I never ever leave dishes from the day in the sink. They are always washed, by hand every single time. I will not lie and say they are put away in their home because they are not.

I am good, but not that good.

#2 I prepare for my next day at work. I go over what I need to make happen, jot it down in my diary and place the diary back in its place on my desk.

#3 After taking Miss Evie out for her evening walk, and after cleaning her up for bed [ please stop laughing ] I set about putting all her toys in one area.

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#4 I do the same for the “human” items. Everything is put back in its place. The remote control, or as I call them, the buttons, are put back in the same place every evening. The same goes for my mobile phone. It is placed on her charger, pillows are straightened on the couch, candles set up for the next day.

THIS IS KEY. Everything back in its place removes the stress and overwhelm for the next day.

#5 I then put some water on for tea, which I sip in bed while I read. Normally it is a herbal tea, this time I am using Earl Grey with Lavender.

#6 Before crawling into bed I clean my face and put on my lotions and potions. This practice is very important, self care, because this simple step sets me up for the next day. I know in my mind I am taking care of what I was given.

I don’t think there is one wrong or right way to end your day, except maybe to do everything with gratitude. We all have our own paths to walk. This is just mine and what I practice in my Simple Life.

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