the “nothingness challenge”

I don’t know about you but I am always up for a good challenge.

I am all in when it comes to trying something new, something that will widen
my imagination, my normal, and push me to do or try something that
does not come easily or naturally to me… something I have
never experienced before.

What about you?

Last week on my YouTube channel, I dared you to take “The Nothingness Challenge”.

Here is the concept—>

In our world where we are all go, go, go, ALL the time. Some might find
it is difficult to stop and just be. I know I have this issue. We were reared
to “produce” either by our family and/or we were influenced to keep striving in order
to be successful by society.

If you did not push yourself you were deemed lazy.

This is so wrong.

So I created a challenge for myself and since it works I now pass it on to you.

Here is how it goes…

  • Find a quiet place in your home. Even your car will work.
  • Get cozy

And just be.

You read that correctly.

Just be.

Sit in the silence and listen.[ this is not the same as meditation]

  • Listen to the drone of the air conditioner or heater.
  • Listen to the breathing of your pet.
  • Listen to the rain as it falls on the windows.
  • Listen as the fan twirls around.

Just be.

Be still and listen.

You might find that in the beginning that this task is difficult but
keep trying.

Just be, today, tomorrow and each day after that.

You will find this simple task is very invigorating. It will open your eyes
and ears to senses that you might have lost along your way.

The silence can add to your

  • Creativity
  • Peace of mind
  • A real sense of well-being.

It will enable you to slow down and well “smell the roses”.

So today, I dare you.

Take the Nothingness Challenge and by all means, let me know
how you get on.

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