what would Fred Flintstone say?

I have a friend, let’s call him Fred, Fred Flintstone. Let me fill you in on Fred’s lifestyle

  • Fred does not own a computer.
  • Fred does not have or feel the need for internet access in his home.
  • Fred does not own a mobile phone. A smart phone is alien to him.
  • Money is not an issue with Fred Flintstone.
  • Fred has travelled the world.

You might ask—-> how in the world does anyone get by in today’s society without either of these services. I have asked Fred the same questions MANY times over…. HOW and WHY? 

Well I guess the key  word is “ services”. Fred does not feel the need to use either of these offerings like you or me.  He is not attached in any way to a phone or a computer.

If he needs to research something, buy someone thing [ airline tickets ] or to check his email on the internet or “ on  the machine”, his words not mine, he heads on over to the library and uses their internet log on facilities.

Fred Flintstone is a happy and content human being.

Recently Fred had to return an item to a store. When he was informed that it was necessary that he make a call from his car to inform them of his arrival, Fred was stuck. He explained to the merchant that he did not own a mobile phone. He manages to get by.

And he does get by each day, by day.

  • He is not distracted by updated news alerts
  • He is not overwhelmed with constant ads suggesting you MUST have this thingee
  • He does not spend hours looking at pretty pictures or videos on Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest.
  • He does not feel upset, dare I say jealous, when he see his friends posting their new purchases or holiday pics on Facebook.

Fred Flintstone is just peaceful.

Now I am not suggesting that you or I go to such extremes. The internet has been my lifesaver for years. The internet has been our lifeline so to speak during the pandemic .

And we all have different priorities in our lives. We all have different needs. 

But what… 

I am suggesting that we each have a good look at our actions, our priorities, that we have a look at what makes us happy and what is important to us.  

Sure Fred Flintstone has gone to the extreme but maybe, just maybe Fred can teach us all something. The lessons are different for each of us but they are there. I promise you. 

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