being quiet – trusting your gut

I could talk about this Simple Lifestyle all the time. This way of living has really helped me in the good times and through the not so good times. This is the way I really am, I have no internet face and real world way of being. In my videos and on this blog I am trying to pull out things from my life that I believe will help you.

Recently I was asked how do you think of subjects to speak and write about?  On a few occasions, especially on my YouTube channel I do other types of videos, just to keep it fresh. For example not so long ago, I did an episode about my new best friend. [ Stop laughing ] 

But I digress.

On the rare occasion I am stumped by a specific question or request, remember I have lived this way way for decades, I know I have to be quiet in my mind.

I remember I have to look at the Simple Life and this journey through your eyes. 

For example:

How do you feel with the confusion caused by heirlooms that were left to you? Do you keep, do you get rid of them. How do you deal with the guilt?


How do you deal and feel with a closet load of clothing that you rarely wear? How do you decide what to keep and what to let go?


Does all that “stuff” that has accumulated in your linen closet get you down?

It can go on and on.

So here is what I do.

I go quiet [ and you can do the same when you need to make a decision ]

And this can be accomplished in many ways. 

  1. By simply switching off all electronics and listening to the silence
  2. By simply doing something else that closes the thought you had in your mind. This gives you space to get an answer. For me this is walking Miss Evie and my second love, swimming. I find that in a flash of a moment the answer appears. At that moment I am trusting my gut.

Over the years the best “medicine ” I have found that being quiet solves so many of lives events that are thrown at me… and my friend, it will also do the same for you.

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