the guilt is real

A recent question I answered live on YouTube was
“How to deal with heirlooms “

Here is that video.

I had a comment from a subscriber who noted that
the guilt you feel, even just considering getting rid
of an heirloom piece, is real.

I get it.

In this case, the subscriber, let me call her Mary, said
that she has many pieces of ceramic pottery that her
mother made and while she is downsizing she cannot
bare to part with these items. She writes that it is
almost like letting her mother down by letting the pieces

Again, I get it.

My suggestion to Mary, and to you, is to place items that
you know, in the back of your mind you need to part with,
on a table or in an area that is visible to you. In this way,
you can view often during the day.

Look at the items over a few hours, days, or even weeks.
Decide which is ” the one- or two at a stretch” the item that
means the most to you.

Keep that piece(s).

The others take pictures of them. Have them framed or
create a “coffee book” of them. In this way, those items
will always be close at hand.

Pass on the other items. Find them a new home.

And remember—>

Memories can never, ever be erased from your heart
and mind. Never.

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