be honest…

Be honest.

How many times have you opened up a cupboard door, looked ina drawer or looked in a sealed up dusty box, that is hidden behind the garage door, and said to yourself—->

Ahhh that is where it is!


Ahhhhhh I remember that item?

Now remember we are going to be truthful here—>

We all gather so much “stuff” along our journey. Items that we have purchased, items that we were given, and items that were left to us.


Somehow in our crazy mad dash world those gifts, that  purchase never gets used. It somehow finds its “home” hidden from view.

Today my message is short and sweet. My message is to the point in the kindest of ways.

Use it. 


Get rid of it.

  • Wear that coat
  • Cook with that pot or pan
  • Use those bed sheets 


  • Pass it on
  • Pay it forward
  • Give the pleasure of use to someone else.

Set yourself free. 

It is a Simple as that.

Now to do it:)

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