that rut…

Don’t you think It is so easy to fall into a rut? 

  • Wham
  • Bam 

And you are there without even noticing the passing of time and what got you there. 

For me getting in a rut is when things get “stale”, too familiar and sometimes too easy. It is a moment in time when I am not pushed to be my best.

[ However in reality let’s be kind to ourselves, after all we are living in the times of a pandemic ].

Back to the rut situation—->

Like everything else in life the more you know, the more you are aware, the easier it is to make a change.

One way of doing this is to be quiet. To listen to yourself. To be still.


Ask yourself does this task, this job, this venture, fill be with joy, motivate me, push me forward? 

Only you can answer yourself.

In this week’s video I explore this topic and reveal what I recently did to get out of a rut.

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