what is your why?

I am going to get personal here—>

Do you really need to declutter your stuff?


  • Clothing closet
  • Your sock drawer
  • That junk drawer in your kitchen
  • The pantry
  • Your linen closet…

I could go on and on.I bet you could too. 

But …

The thing is you really need to get down to the crux of the matter.

You have to really examine the why?? of owning all this stuff??

  • Why did you buy that fluffy green and pink hat?
  • Why are you not using that old china?
  • Do you wear those platform shoes?

It is the “why” behind the purchase of an item. It is the “why” that keeps you holding on to your grandfather’s pajama top [ guilty ]that needs to be addressed. 

This is the important question to ask yourself; be honest and truthful with your answers .

You then can move on.

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