Before you hit that BUY button

Have you found that in our changing world it is so easy to get caught up in the online buying game? I know I have.


Yes I know this seems to be the way of the future, after all it is safer with covid and all.

I no longer head out to buy groceries. I simply click a few buttons et voila within few hours my vegan cheese is sitting, waiting patiently at my front door.

Don’t you think it is sort of magical? I do.


I have also found that it can be very dangerous $. It is so easy to spend your money with a click of a button, in your pajamas if you wish, on items that you would normally not buy.

This is something to think about right?

I guess it is similar to the advent of credit/debit cards. Since actual cash did not slip through your hands it was and still is so easy to

  • spend
  • spend
  • spend

You have to be really careful. Many suggest putting your items in “a cart”, wait 24 hours and then making your purchase. Not a bad idea really.

There are other questions to ask yourself when making a purchase, whether it be the old-fashioned way in person or online. 


This is the topic of the video below—>

I look forward to your feedback.

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