before you hit that “buy” button

Have you found that in our changing world it is so easy to get caught up in the online buying game? I know I have.


Yes I know this seems to be the way of the future, afterall it is safer with covid etc .

I no longer head out to buy groceries. I simply click a few buttons et voila within few hours my vegan cheese is sitting, waiting patiently at my front door.

Don’t you think it is sort of magical? I do.


I have also found that it can be very dangerous $. It is so easy to spend your money with a click of a button, in your pajamas if you wish, on items that you would normally not buy.

This is something to think about right?

I guess it is similar to the advent of credit/debit cards. Since actual cash did not slip through your hands it was and still is so easy to

  • Spend
  • Spend
  • Spend

You have to be really careful. Many suggest putting your items in “a cart”, wait 24 hours and then making your purchase. Not a bad idea really.

There are other questions to ask yourself when making a purchase, whether it be the old-fashioned way in person or online. 


This is the topic of this week’s video. I am going live on YouTube to reveal additional questions to ask yourself. I will also be giving away my  “Before You Buy” checklist.

Make sure you don’t miss the episode, Sunday April 18 at 2pm edt,  by clicking here to register and set the reminder.

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