On the right track? How do you know—>

Are there benchmarks on your journey to a Simple Life, ones that will indicate that you are on the right path?

THE FIRST thing to remember is there is no end to creating your Simple Life, this is a process, sort of like a long adventure and in the beginning it might seem like an adventure to the unknown.

It is sort of being on a long airplane journey to your family.


  • Check in your luggage
  • Wait to board the airplane
  • Sit like a sardine in a tin can
  • Hold on as the plane climbs up into the sky
  • Watch videos, listen to music or read to pass away the hours [ 9 for me ]
  • Hold on again [ some may pray ] as the airplane descends
  • Collect your luggage

And finally your heart skips a beat as you imagine and finally see your family waiting for you. In my opinion, there is nothing better.

You FEEL great.

You have an idea what your time with your family or friends will bring but there are a lot of surprises along the way. You don’t know what the days and times spent with your family will reveal you just FEEL happy.

And this is sort of like your journey in living a Simple Life. It is a journey into somewhere you might never have been or have missed for a long time. 

You see I knew a Simpler Life existed, or at least I prayed that it did. I just had no idea how to get there or even what it looked like.

But I studied and I tried and tested. I FELT UP and I FELT DOWN. I just persevered.

So the real benchmark I have found is How do you feel?

After you have taken the steps and made the decision to live and create a Simple Life for yourself…. How do you FEEL? 

Do you feel :

  • Sense of accomplishment, a job well done? Do you feel calm?
  • Or overwhelmed, stressed full of anxiety? 

If so, DO feel bad, overwhelmed, full of doom and gloom, perhaps you are considering giving up? DON’T just understand that you are not there. You have more work to do. THE KEY is NOT to give up. Never, EVER. Just stick with it.

As it is said, “Good Things Come to those that wait”… perseverance is key. I can honestly tell you it is worth the journey. 


I am here to guide you and to motivate you along your journey. I so want you to learn from my journey, the good and the bad. 

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