Simple Life in the city or suburbs???

Is it possible to live a Simple Life in the city and suburbs? Today I have two tips for you on how I do just that.

Over the past several months I have watched many videos with people living off the grid, many in a forest, people walking down a lane, several who have chosen to live very simply and quietly in their own way. In some cases, no electricity, no running water.

They do not live with:

~the noise
~the traffic
~the hustle and bustle of living with thousands, even tens of thousands of human beings.

So for those of us who live in a city or the suburbs, is it possible to live a Simple Life?

The answer is quite simple—>


And HOW?

~It is a decision.It is a choice.
~This is how I do it.

While in my home I often follow a regime of just being quiet. No music, no television, no computer, no smartphone. Just stillness. When I am in this frame of mind I listen to the stillness. I listen to my breath because it is amazing what I can hear. This intense hearing, the listening keeps me calm, even in an urban environment.

I am aware of my saboteur. The saboteur is that invisible person that sits on my shoulder just waiting to nudge me, to make me frustrated. She/he does not care about my peace of mind, She/he is there just to get me “out of sorts”.
 For example.

While out and about, let’s say in my car, things can get pretty crazy, almost volatile. I think it is called road rage and it is firmly established in my neck of the woods, South Florida. If I let it, that nasty invisible being, that voice in my head will really get under my skin.

She/he will whisper in my ears:

~Did you see that? She cut you off?
~Why do they have to drive so close?
~Kids just don’t know how to drive.
~He just ran a red light.

And on and on….

Here is what I have learned to do. I acknowledge that nasty critter

Yes I hear you->You have made your point->Thanks for your input->Now go away.

I have learned to take a breath, to relax and realize if I get angry the only person I am upsetting is myself.

Living a Simple Life is a decision, it is a choice. Once you make that choice you let go of the overwhelm, the stress and angst.

You welcome in joy, happiness and gratitude into your life.


Who doesn’t want to live a peaceful life?!?!

Let me know if you implement either of these two tips into your life. I would love to know below.

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