Who wants to get stuck?

A part of a  Simple Life, actually a big part, is surrounding yourself with the things [ and people ] that you love.

Things and people that bring you joy. Happiness.

And as today is Valentine’s Day what is more appropriate!


Today I am going to speak about the “things” that are in your “space”. It is so important to examine what surrounds you in your life, your “stuff’.


Because your surroundings create a mood, a feeling and feelings control your actions, or inactions. Your
feelings, I have learned, set the tone of your life.

Here is the thing…

I have found that all too often we become accustomed and attached to our belongings. Sadly, we rarely take notice of what is “clogging up our space” both physically and mentally.

Here is an example.

“Years go by, decades sometimes and that vase that your dearly departed Aunt Lily gave you still adorns a shelf in your china cabinet. You never liked that vase, actually you were not too fond of your Aunt Lily… but… that item still takes up a space in your home. That darn ole vase creates a bad emotion, a bad feeling”.

So why keep it?

Now I am not suggesting throwing it away. Someone in your family, perhaps even a friend might enjoy it. You might give to them. If all else fails, there is always the charity shop!

But my point is that it is a good idea to be aware of your surroundings, what you put in your place on this planet. You see, surrounding yourself with things that you love is so vitally important to your well being. This concept is one of the ingredients in my recipe for a Simple Life.

Create good feelings and good things come your way. Live with something that does not bring you joy and you get “clogged” up. Stuck.

And who wants to be “stuck”?

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