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7 Ways to Simplify and Bring More JOY into your day.
Three books worth a read
There is no need to rush in changing. Take Baby Steps.
Where, oh where and how do you create your uniform?
After an interesting last year, which rolled into 2021 there is no doubt in our minds that we live in an uncertain world. This begs the question, do you prepare for a rainy day? Did you become a “prepper”?
We all have done this—-> purchased an item and then think to yourself—-> why in the world did I put this [ thingee ] into my world
When is it time to say goodbye?
This is part two and continues on the conversation from yesterday about why I wear a uniform. Today I will give you some tips on ideas on creating your uniform.
Why I wear my uniform
Is this you—>” I am full of good intentions but every time I decide to have a good clear out I get overwhelmed, I get stressed and ultimately give up 🙁 ” I have the answer for you in this video.
What is important to you? What are your favorite things—> Let’s discuss.

In today’s episode I discuss what to do with heirlooms. Enjoy:)

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What is the difference between Minimalism and Simple Life?