why did I buy that?

Is this you? “Why did I buy that”? Did ever make a purchase, online or in person and think to yourself “What was I thinking”? I have been there, done that. In the heat of the moment you pull out your credit card or put an item in your cart online and bingo, viola it… Continue reading why did I buy that?

the red light effect

Have I ever mentioned that I am stubborn? Surprised? Let me explain… Recently I was stopped at a red light [ in my car!!]. Apparently, I did not engage the gas pedal quick enough and the driver behind me let out a big, loud ole honk of his car horn. This is where my stubborn… Continue reading the red light effect

the great underwear challenge

Today, in this video, I want to dive into the topic of undies. And I have a challenge for you at the end of this episode so stick around until the end. Undies You know—-> Underwear, lingerie , bras, panties – knickers if you are across the pond. First off I am going to be referencing… Continue reading the great underwear challenge

the tiny house

Thanks to all at TheTinyLife.com for the opportunity to speak about why I wear a uniform. This blog is a great source of information if you are looking to find simplicity in your life. Here is the complete article—–>https://thetinylife.com/minimalist-personal-uniform/

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skincare 50+

I often get asked how I care for my skin and this is the topic of this week’s blog post and YouTube episode. I am going to take a different way of discussing this subject. I am going to explore this topic from the inside and then the outside. Stick with me, this will make sense… Continue reading skincare 50+

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the time of year

For those of us who reside in these 50 states I bet you are expecting a “Happy Thanksgiving” from me. Well that and something else. I have equally important message: Beware of the MARKETING. Hey I don’t want to appear to be a killjoy but this time of year you really need to pay attention to—->… Continue reading the time of year

the best you can

I think I know We sometimes forget that we are only human. STOP LAUGHING. Please Sometimes we push too hard. We expect too much from ourselves. And We don’t realize we are simply doing the best we can. Case in point I have just launched a private community. As you can imagine there are many… Continue reading the best you can

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a simple guideline

If you have been watching me on YouTube you will know that my home is somewhat under construction. … now that is a laugh, it is COMPLETELY under construction. I must admit I have dust and bits of paint where I never dreamed possible!! Anyway There is one thing I know for sure.  Living with this… Continue reading a simple guideline

my home is a MESS

How do you lead a Simple Life when all around you is physically in chaos? Many of us have been living in our current homes for a while. Perhaps you have downsized to a smaller home. In both cases, you might find that your home needs updating, a “few renovations”… some tweaking. So the question… Continue reading my home is a MESS